Manufacturing Processes

The production process in our factory:

We try our best to control every detail of production. A total of more than 300 masters work seriously at the factory. The craftsmen at the factory, each finished product is the result of his elaborate production.

From fabric wall, from sewing to art, from whole to detail.Because of professional, we pay attention to every factor that affects the quality of products.The display of every detail and every working procedure is to prove one thing. Behind the birth of high-quality cap products, efforts from all aspects are inseparable.

Production machinery Detail each process

leave the production to us and the time to your marketing

As a direct custom factory, customer’s brand is also our brand, we care what their care.We always try our best to help you succeed more easy as we can. Just like our service value: Let our customers free from worrying and leaving them a comfortable way. And we always are on the way, I am sure Aung Crown can be your supper cooperated partner!

You will feel easy with us.

Get satisfactory results.